Core Values

The core values that inspire PLDA and guide its operations are:

1. Excellence & Innovation Excellence: PLDA constantly challenges itself to the highest levels of learning and performance to achieve greater impact. It aspires to be the best in quality and in everything it does.

2. Innovation: PLDA attaches great importance to innovative ideas and practices. It pursues continuous improvements, listening to and understanding the needs of its target groups, being informed and seeking out new ideas, and looking for ways to improve operational performance by embracing and investing in opportunities by leveraging our knowledge and experience.

3. Accountability & Transparency Accountability: PLDA acknowledges and assumes responsibility for all its actions, services, decisions and policies. It believes that it is accountable to target beneficiaries, partner CSOs, government, donor organizations, and all stakeholders. To realize this, it consults its stakeholders and receives feedback consistently from all. Transparency: PLDA has a strong faith in maintaining transparency in its operation and utilization of resources. It will continue to be open in its relationship with all its stakeholders.

4. Responsiveness PLDA acts with a sense of urgency and makes qualified decisions in time. It pays timely and appropriate attention to details with an understanding and respect for others.

5. Professionalism PLDA encourages and demands high degree of expertise and knowledge in all its engagements. It also promotes performance of acceptable quality of work/services. Learning from what is working well and not working, build upon strengths and challenges for high performance are valued.

6. Ease of Communication PLDA attaches high value to open communication through encouraging free exchange of opinions and views

7. Partnership and Collaboration- to work in partnership and collaboration with all stakeholders. PLDA acknowledges change happens through the connections, creativity, contributions and collaboration of internal & external stakeholders.

8. Asset Based-PLDA believe as everyone has gifts. There is unrecognized capacity and assets in every individual. To find it; and build on it.

9. Integrity- adhering to high ethical principles and standards, basing our actions on doing the right things for right person at the right time for the right reason.

10. Respect-valuing the difference in every one we work with and treating them with dignity and courtesy.

11. Participation-members of the association and the beneficiaries are expected to actively take part in the affairs of the associations.

12. Volunteerism- To volunteer; is to contribute your goodness and works to humanity unselfishly, without seeking any rewards, and benevolently.

13. Trust and team spirit- to have faith on, and with each other; to be a source of inspiration; to be collaborative, and optimistic.

14.Empathy- placing oneself in the PLDA families (service user’s situation) while remaining objective. Empathizing requires the caregiver not to be judgmental and to be sensitive and understanding. To see things from other individuals’ perspectives.

Practical Life Development Association